WhatsApp feature: It can prevent embarrassment

WhatsApp feature, “undo Delete Message” option will be helpful if you accidentally select “delete for me” when sending a message.

Consider the case below: You accidentally send a message to the wrong person or group. You accidentally chose “delete for me” instead of “delete for everyone” when you were in a hurry to remove the message. The embarrassing message you sent can’t be seen or deleted, but the other people in the chat room can still see it. WhatsApp has launched a new “unintentional delete” feature that can bail you out of a situation like this.

Thanks to the new function, you have five seconds to undo the action from the time you delete a message. When you delete a communication, a dialogue box with the wording “Message erased for me” will appear. The chat box will also have a little “Undo” button. If you click the button, the message you just removed will reappear.

On December 14, WhatsApp said it had started testing picture-in-picture for iOS video sessions. Android has supported this capability for quite some time, so Apple products are well behind Android smartphones. On iOS, picture-in-picture is only available to beta testers of WhatsApp, and a bigger release will happen next year.

The head of WhatsApp Pay for India, Vinay Choletti, quit earlier this month. He had only been in his job for four months. When Manesh Mahatme left the organization in September to work for Amazon, Choletti took over running WhatsApp Pay in India.

  • Android and iOS users can access the new “unintentional delete” option. If you can’t use the feature, you need to update WhatsApp from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • In the interim, Meta also disclosed that WhatsApp would soon have enhanced calling capabilities. These attributes include
  • Using WhatsApp’s video and voice calling functionality calls for up to 32 participants are now feasible on mobile devices.
  • Users can now choose to either silence or send a message to each group member during active calls.

Meta has also confirmed the release of Picture in Picture on WhatsApp for iOS. Android users already had access to the capability, and soon iOS users will too. The POP capability is now under beta testing and will deploy in 2023.

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