WhatsApp chat hacks you might not know

The app is designed to appeal to users of all ages, so it’s easy to start. However, the service has steadily acquired new features over the years. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. We’ve combed through the application and isolated some features you may have missed.

Respond privately to a group chat message.

If you want to respond to a message in a group chat in private, your first thought might be to forward the message to the person who sent it. This requires you to search your contacts list for a one-on-one chat, which is not the most efficient method. Instead, you may proceed as follows:

When responding privately to a message in a group chat on Android, press and hold the message and tap the three dots in the top-right corner. Begin typing your response; it will appear as a reply to a particular message.

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The procedure for iOS is different. You can respond privately by holding down on a message in a group chat, clicking More, and then clicking Reply Privately.

Hands-free voicemail transmission

If you send many voice messages, you must have realized at some point that pressing and holding the microphone icon is tiring. It is also irritating when your hand slips off the record button, and an incomplete story is sent. With the following function, these annoyances can be resolved:

Tap the microphone icon in any chat to lock it, then swipe up. A new interface for voice messages will replace the familiar text field. Here, you’ll be able to pause your recording, view a preview, and send or delete it.

Texting is distinct from spoken language because it is difficult to convey tone. Certain words must be highlighted, and capitalization and punctuation may not always be suitable. With bold, italic, and strikethrough text editing features, WhatsApp covers you in this situation.

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The word can be highlighted by adding an asterisk (*) on either side, italicized by adding an underscore (_) and struck through by adding tildes () on either side.

Mark messages as unread.

Do you frequently need to respond to a chat on purpose or by accident? Marking chats unread can be helpful if you find yourself in a bind because you need to catch up on something important.

Hold down on a chat on Android, tap the three-dot menu, and select Mark as unread. On iOS, a conversation can be marked as unread by swiping left to right.

Purge all chats

Would you like to clear your cluttered chat list and start from scratch? On iOS, Settings > Chats > Delete All Chats allows you to delete all WhatsApp messages. This won’t just delete a chat’s contents; you’ll need to start a new conversation with each contact.

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The quickest way to remove all your chat histories on an Android device is to delete all of the data associated with the WhatsApp app rather than restore it.

Find out how long you have been ignored.

With WhatsApp’s message information feature, you can determine how long you were left to read.

When using Android, hold down on a specific message you’ve sent, and select Info from the three-dot menu at the top. On iOS, swipe right to the left on a message you sent to see when it was viewed.

Accelerate playback of the audio message.

You can speed up the playback of a voice message by 1.5x or 2x if listening to it feels like a chore. Tap the play icon on a voicemail, then tap the 1x icon that appears to play it 1.5 times faster. Tap the same icon a second time to duplicate it. This will not affect the individual’s pitch.

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