Twitter’s new logo- Twitter X, replacing the blue bird sign.

The Twitter avian has left the building. Instead of the iconic Twitter bird, the platform displays the X symbol. Musk announced the new logo on the weekend and changed it within hours. The homepage’s upper-left corner now displays Twitter’s new logo. Xs are now loading icons.

Elon Musk has verified that entering will take the user to the new Twitter. However, remains the principal domain for the website. Elon Musk solicited input from the public for Twitter’s new logo. Sawyer Merritt, a Twitter user, contributed the information. The new logo is also placed next to the names of the company’s personnel, including CEO Linda Yaccarino.

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Yaccarino gives us a preview of what the firm plans to achieve with the platform beyond micro-blogging. Yaccarino stated, “X is the future of unlimited interactivity – centered in audio, video, messaging, and payments/banking – that will create a global marketplace for ideas, products, services, and opportunities. Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we have yet to conceive.”

Yaccarino added, “It is exceedingly rare – whether in life or business – to get a second opportunity to make a significant impression. Twitter has had a profound impact and altered our communication methods. Now, X will advance by transforming the global town square.”

The X’s beginnings

The origins of the brand are not a recent development. The routes date back to Elon Musk’s beginnings as an entrepreneur. In 1999, the brand was created and subsequently rebranded as PayPal. After selling the PayPal trademark, Musk became a multimillionaire. Elon Musk announced his intentions to establish X Corp. in 2022. In May, it became known that X Corp now owns Twitter. Rebranding, which is currently underway, was the logical next step.

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