Rare astronomical events will occur in August

August 2023 astronomical events: July is about to end, and August is approaching. However, this August will be exceptional for you. On the other hand, this month will be filled with numerous large festivals. Additionally, this month will be filled with extraordinary astronomical phenomena. This month will see the occurrence of three astronomical phenomena that are considered rare. Tell us what will transpire during August.

Blue Moon and Super Moon. (Blue Moon and Super Moon)

The beginning of the month will be a rare astronomical event. This month will have two supermoons. The first will occur on August 1 and the second on August 30 at night. Due to its proximity to Earth, the moon appears much larger and brighter on this day. 

The moon was visible on August 30. Blue Moon is a highly uncommon occurrence. It bears no relation to the color of the moon. Typically, it is celebrated on the second full moon of the month. There are also two full moons this August, so the super blue moon will be visible on the second full moon. The last Blue Moon was observed on August 22, 2021.

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Day with no shadow (Zero Shadow Day)

Zero Shadow Day is celebrated on August 18. This occurs when the Sun is directly above our planet. Consequently, nothing is created. According to scientists, this phenomenon occurs in our country between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn in locations or cities that lie between these two tropics. Kautilya was the first person in India to recognize this astronomical phenomenon. Zero Shadow Day is celebrated twice per year. The first occurs when the Sun rises in the north, while the second occurs when it sets in the south.

The ring of Saturn will be observable in the sky (Saturn Ring Visibility).

August 27 will also be a very special day in August. On this date, the planet Saturn and its ring will be visible in the sky. On this date, Saturn will be directly opposite the Sun and very near to Earth, allowing Earthlings to observe this celestial event. This is an uncommon astronomical phenomenon that occurs only once every several years.

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