Microsoft Cuts Thousands Of Jobs: Reports

According to several media sites, Microsoft Corp. plans to cut thousands of jobs, including human resources and engineering positions.

The American IT industry’s latest layoffs are expected. Due to falling demand and a weakening global economy, Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. have cut staff.

Microsoft’s move may indicate that the I.T. industry will keep losing workers.

Morningstar analyst Dan Romanoff stated, “From a large picture point of view, the forthcoming round of layoffs at Microsoft illustrates that the situation is not getting better and will keep getting worse.”

Microsoft intends to reduce 5% of its workers, or 11,000 positions, according to Sky News in the U.K.

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According to a source, numerous engineering department staff will be laid off Wednesday. The insider also reported that one-third of Microsoft’s recruiting crew might be slashed.

According to Bloomberg, the cuts will be substantially larger than those in earlier waves.

There was no response from Microsoft.

As of June 30, the corporation employed 221,000 full-time employees, 122,000 American and 99,000 international.

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After several quarters of PC market decline, which harmed Windows and device sales, They are under pressure to keep their Azure cloud business expanding.

In July of last year, a couple of the posts were removed. Axios reported in October that Microsoft has turned off less than 1,000 users in multiple locales.

On January 24, the day before its quarterly earnings report, It was up slightly in late afternoon trading.

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