iPhone 16 Release Date: Leaks, Price, Specs

The iPhone 16 will come after the iPhone 15, which hasn’t been launched yet. This range could include the iPhone Ultra with Face ID under the screen, larger displays, and Apple’s own modem chip. This is expected to happen in late 2024.

When will Apple release the iPhone 16?

Apple’s release schedule for smartphones is pretty stable, so you can pretty much count on a new one every year. Since Apple still plans to release the iPhone 15 this year, the iPhone 16 won’t come out until 2019.

Like in the past, there will probably be more than one model: the iPhone 16, the iPhone 16 Pro, the iPhone 16 Pro Max, and maybe even an iPhone 16 Ultra.

We think the iPhone 16 will come out in late 2024, probably around September. In the past, this is how the release dates for iPhone models have usually worked.

Cost rumors for the iPhone 16

Apple hasn’t released the iPhone 15’s price yet, so it’s too early to speculate. The iPhone Ultra, which may be the iPhone 16’s highest variant, may cost more than $1100. This means that the rest of the range would cost less than that.

For comparison, the base model of the iPhone 15 is estimated to start at $799.

Details on how to pre-order

Soon after the iPhone 16 is announced, you’ll be able to buy it from Apple’s website. We’ll add a link to this page when one is ready.

Here is what we know about a possible iPhone that can be folded.

Specifications and Features of the iPhone 16

First of all, let’s make it clear that the iPhone 15 has still not been officially confirmed. This means that the information below is based on what people think will happen, which could change at any time.

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max’s displays will be 6.3 inches and 6.9 inches, according to Display Supply Chain Consultants’ Ross Young. We won’t know the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus’ screen sizes until Young announces them.

The iPhones of 2024 may have Face ID embedded into the screen, changing the phone’s front. If The Elec’s speculation is genuine, the iPhone Pro models may just have a hole for the front-facing camera:

The “Under Panel Face ID” function, which hides Face ID under the screen, may be added to next year’s iPhone 16 series Pro range.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple leaker, and writer, said this same thing as early as April 2022.

Ross Young, a renowned leaker, thinks that sensor problems will delay under-panel Face ID until at least 2025, so it won’t be available until the iPhone 17 Pro. If he’s right, the 2024 phones will definitely look like the iPhone 15 series (all of them will have the Dynamic Island hole) if he’s right.

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This phone might have a periscope camera lens, which would make it easier to zoom in. Kuo said in early 2023 that his most recent study “indicates that only one/highest-end new iPhone 16 model in 2H24 will have the periscope camera.” It is likely that this rumour is about the iPhone Ultra.

There are rumors that the iPhone 16 will have a vertical camera setup, just like the iPhone 12.

There are four storage choices for the current iPhone. They range from 128 GB to TB. We don’t think there will be a 2 TB model yet, so we think the iPhone 16 will be the same. We could see Apple getting rid of the least expensive choice and starting with 256 GB instead, but we don’t think that will happen.

Apple has used Qualcomm modem chips in its phones for a long time, but the company might start making its own modem chip in 2024. It’s not clear what value, if any, this would have for the buyer.

Kuo says that the iPhone 16 will likely get Wi-Fi 7, which “will make it easier for Apple to integrate hardware products running on the same local network and provide a better ecosystem experience.”

The iPhone 16 Release will with the iOS 18 running system. After iOS 17 is announced, we’ll know more about what to expect from that OS.

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