How to bypass Netflix restrictions on password sharing

Netflix halted password sharing in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries in 2023. Their letter may have informed you of the changes. Or Netflix has blocked your favorite show while borrowing an account.

Adding a new Netflix subscriber now costs extra, a significant adjustment for most consumers. However, there are free ways to circumvent Netflix password-sharing limitations.

NordVPN with Meshnet is the best Netflix password-sharing solution. It connects 60 devices and tricks Netflix for free. Continue reading to see why NordVPN Meshnet is the best answer and other ways to circumvent Netflix’s password-sharing ban.

Netflix password-Find a way to avoid or bypass something.

  1. Join NordVPN. Free Meshnet or 66% off NordVPN.

2. Install the app and login in

3. Enable Meshnet.

4. Email your friend a Meshnet invitation or activate it on other household devices to connect them automatically.

5. Netflix is password-free, so use it!

How does Netflix ban password-sharing?

The Netflix password-sharing prohibition restricts use to one, two, or four intelligent TVs and streaming devices in the same household. Netflix only allows sub-accounts for $7.99 monthly to share accounts with non-household members.

Over 100 countries, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil, have Netflix password-sharing prohibitions.

Netflix will look for digital footprints like:

  • IP address
  • Device ID
  • Your residence
  • Netflix activities.

Many personal details are collected. Thus, we recommend a strong VPN if you’re watching Netflix in the US, New Zealand, Spain, or another location with a password-sharing ban.

Sharing your Netflix account with friends is currently free. The streaming device user outside your household must submit the four-digit verification code supplied to the primary email or phone number within 15 minutes. If not, the outside user will be barred with the warning, “This TV is connected to the primary location for this account.”

Primary Netflix account users only need to prove themselves once they leave home.

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Netflix password sharing ban bypassing: a comprehensive guide

Yes, buying a Netflix sub-account to circumvent the sharing ban is legal. There are various methods around the restriction. They’re free.

Use NordVPN’s Meshnet to align your and your friend’s IP addresses, log into Netflix from the primary household network for the first time, and view Netflix on devices other than smart TVs or streaming devices.

Continue reading for four efficient methods to share your Netflix membership with friends and coworkers.

1. Buy more accounts

Netflix password-sharing limitations can be circumvented by buying sub-accounts. Netflix’s approach for adding sub-accounts is guaranteed to work.

It sounds like a foolproof solution, but an extra member costs $7.99 monthly. Hulu costs this much.

Not all Netflix subscriptions allow sub-accounts. Only the most expensive Standard and Premium plans allow members. Worse, Standard plan owners can add one sub-account. Netflix wants you to buy a new subscription and pay the total price.

2. NordVPN Meshnet

NordVPN, a top VPN, gives free Meshnet to all users. It lets Netflix users impersonate your IP address and stream from the same place. Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS support the capability.

How to get and utilize Meshnet to circumvent Netflix password sharing ban:

  • Visit or the app store.
  • Install the app.
  • Register for NordVPN.
  • Find the four-dot square Meshnet icon.
  • Enable Meshnet.
  • Read the feature information and turn on Meshnet.
  • Select Link Devices.
  • Click Invite under Link external device.
  • Enter an invitee’s email and set device permissions.
  • You’ll share an IP address if the invitee agrees. Netflix lets you use the same account for free.
  • NordVPN Netflix.

It’s fast and simple. Add up to 60 domestic or external devices. NordVPN offers 24/7 live chat and email support.

3. Avoid smart TVs and streaming devices.

Netflix only monitors smart TVs and streaming devices like Roku or Fire Stick for account sharing outside the family due to a policy loophole. Connecting to a shared Netflix account via a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone circumvents the Netflix password-sharing ban.

“You,” “Manifest,” and other famous TV shows seem better on a big screen than on an iPhone. However, you can cast your computer or phone screen on your smart TV. HDMI cable works too.

4. Use the Netflix account holder’s Wi-Fi.

Another temporary Netflix account-sharing option works. Netflix doesn’t trace users who share a network connection, so you can log in at the account owner’s home using the primary Wi-Fi.

Netflix’s password-sharing policy defines households as “you and the people you live with.” US-shared account users outside the household see this error message when logging in. Indeed, Netflix’s household concept allows sharing a subscription.

The streaming service allows downloading films and TV series and using the account when traveling (as long as you don’t exceed the number of screens per subscription). Logging into Netflix using the primary Wi-Fi connection allows you to continue sharing the account with others.

The Netflix crackdown has increased account activity monitoring, including password sharing. The firm monitors more than just the IP address. Netflix now collects device IDs and home locations.

You can pretend your friends live together. NordVPN Meshnet may replicate the same IP address on up to 60 devices. Netflix mostly tracks IP addresses. Thus, having the same IP as your account mates will convince the streaming service that everything is legal.

Unfortunately, Netflix’s terms and conditions prohibit password sharing. Moreover, The UK Intellectual Property Office considers copyright-law violence a felony.

New Netflix password-sharing policy highlights

Netflix changed its password-sharing policy in May 2023, affecting US citizens the most. Netflix has strengthened this restriction in over 100 countries.

Netflix’s US password-sharing policy update notification is below:

Current Netflix password-sharing policy:

  • Netflix now targets America. The US had to follow Canada, New Zealand, Spain, and Portugal’s Netflix account-sharing regulations many months later.
  • Household definition. Netflix defined the household after upgrading the password-sharing policy. It’s “you and the people you live with,” meaning someone with a different IP address can’t use the shared account unless they circumvent the password-sharing ban.
  • They are buying sub-accounts. Netflix offers sub-accounts for individuals who want to wait to pay for a Netflix subscription (the cheapest Stadart with an advertisements plan costs $6.99/month) and want to keep sharing an account with friends. Users pay $7.99 each month. Second, only expensive subscriptions can use it. Finally, the $15.49 Standard plan allows one additional member. Premium users can add two sub-accounts. Netflix needs fresh subscriptions to be satisfied.
  • Profile transfer. Netflix generously lets you transfer your profile to a new account if you buy a subscription instead of a sub-account. Also this helps you remember what you’ve watched and where you are in your favorite TV show.

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Netflix password sharing: illegal?

Netflix password sharing is unlawful. They have not escalated the law, as the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided in 2016 that password sharing is a criminal under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. US only. The UK Intellectual Property Office has also banned password sharing for copyright reasons.

Should you worry about handing your Netflix login to a non-resident? Netflix’s password-sharing ban causes global discontent. Also, The good news is that the streaming service provider is unlikely to sue thousands of users for violating its password-sharing policy.

Netflix loses $500 million a year from password sharing, but it hasn’t sued anyone yet. Instead, they amend their policy to prevent password sharing officially.

Can VPNs access various libraries?

VPNs provide Netflix library access. Netflix never supported VPNs. Netflix’s terms and conditions prohibit using a VPN to unblock libraries.

But does violating the company’s terms and conditions prevent VPN users from achieving their goals? No, but some. Netflix VPN use is unchanged. Netflix Japan and Netflix US can be unblocked.

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