Green Comet: How to view a comet from india

Green Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF), which was very recently discovered, might be seen by observers. The best moment to see the “green comet” was February 1, when it was closest to Earth and the Sun.

Observing the green comet

C/2022 E3 (ZTF) approached Earth on February 1, approximately 41 kilometers away, or 0.28 astronomical units. According to the website In The Sky, the comet will be visible from New Delhi all night on February 1 because it is circumpolar, which means it will stay above the horizon the whole time.

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At 10:12 p.m. on February 12, the comet was at its highest point in the sky, approximately 45 degrees above the northern horizon. Even while it is feasible to see the comet with the naked eye, a pair of binoculars or a telescope would make the experience much more enjoyable.

Try to find a quiet, dark location away from the city lights where you can watch the comet without the light pollution of the metropolis. Allow yourself to adjust to the darkness after you’ve arrived. Use an augmented reality (AR) app on your phone to find the Camelopardalis constellation, where the comet is.

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Visibility of the green comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)

Comets are completely unanticipated objects due to the characteristics that define them as a species. Their luminosity depends on the scattering of sunlight by dust particles in the comet’s tail. The comet constantly loses dust. The comet’s sublimation rate and dust content determine its density at any given time.
Due to these variables, it becomes tough to anticipate the comet’s brightness. This brightness can be highly varied even between two apparitions of the same comet. It would be in your best interest to bring either a telescope or a set of binoculars with you in order to improve your chances of observing the comet.

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