Apple HomePod: Everything you need to know

What will the price of Apple’s HomePod 2 smart speaker be in India? When will it be available?

Apple’s latest HomePod smart speaker costs Rs 32,900. Although it has been available for pre-order since Apple introduced the product in January, it is officially on sale as of Friday, February 3.

Does Apple’s HomePod 2 smart speaker have good sound quality?

Even though Apple’s first HomePod didn’t sell very well, it was praised for its great sound quality. On this front, the second-generation HomePod may appear to be a downgrade, as it only features five tweeters as opposed to seven tweeters on the first model. The first-generation HomePod had six microphones, but the second-generation HomePod only has four.

But Apple has added a new 4-inch high-excursion woofer to the HomePod, which could improve the bass capabilities of the smart speaker. Also, the second-generation HomePod’s S7 CPU is better than the first HomePod’s A8 processor, so the new one should have better computational audio.

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The previous version of HomePod used its microphones to listen to how sound bounced off the surfaces around it. This allowed it to change the sound automatically. This feature should be compatible with the HomePod 2 as well. The new HomePod speaker will support both spatial audios with Dolby Atmos and AirPlay in multiple rooms. It will also be able to pair with two other speakers in stereo. Two HomePod speakers can be connected using stereo pairing to form a stereo arrangement.

What does the Apple HomePod look like?

The HomePod 2 is quite identical to its predecessor at first glance. It features the same spongy materials on the exterior. The touch panel on the top of the HomePod 2 is now slightly recessed, just like the HomePod mini.

The first-generation smart speaker’s built-in, non-removable cables were a major flaw. Apple fixed this problem with the HomePod 2 by giving it a cord that can be taken off and replaced easily.

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A lot of customers also said that the first HomePod sometimes left a permanent mark on wooden surfaces when it was left there for a long time. According to 9to5Mac, this issue has been rectified. However, the new generation of HomePod might still leave marks on wooden surfaces.


Does the Apple HomePod 2 include support for Matter?

The HomePod 2 is also compatible with Matter, a new home connectivity platform that Amazon, Google, Ikea, and other companies are already using. It also supports Thread, a revolutionary low-energy smart home connectivity technology with smart lighting and other equipment.

In addition to WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, the HomePod 2 also includes a WiFi connection. Additionally, it includes the ultra-wideband technology found in the HomePod mini. This allows you to transfer content from your iPhone to your HomePod. When you arrive home, you can transfer music from your iPhone to your HomePod 2.

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The Apple HomePod 2 features temperature and humidity sensors.

Temperature and humidity sensors, lacking from the original HomePod, are included in the HomePod 2 as a significant improvement. Intriguingly, the somewhat less expensive HomePod mini already has similar capabilities. However, Apple activated them when the HomePod 16.3 software was updated.

You can measure the temperature and humidity of a room, and you can also set up actions that happen automatically when certain temperature and humidity levels are reached. For example, you can set up the Apple Home app to automatically turn on your smart air conditioner if the temperature in your home goes above a certain point.

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